Family Development Plans

Designing income generating options with an understanding of the complex diversity that exists among the extreme poor groups facilitates progress. NETZ and its partners deal with a range of diversity recognizing the existing differences between various groups (indigenous vs. non-indigenous communities, female-headed vs. male-headed households etc.). Instead of designing an identical package for all, a Family Development Plan (FDP) is formulated at household level to capture the individual expectations, capacities, challenges and wishes and thus plan the interventions together with the families tailored to their specific context. The FDP also includes the business development plan for each household. Here the project participants decide which assets they would like to receive and how they are specifically planning to generate income (incl. marketing and inputs or skills needed in order to successfully turn a profit).

The Family Development Plan can be downloaded here in English or in Bangla.

The project participants subsequently start to form groups on village level. Specific details on this process can be found here on the next page.